After the release of Bonjr’s song “I Want You to Help Me Live”, Thomas’s first collaboration, collaborations quickly became a large and incredibly prominent part of Thomas Reid’s discography. While he has collaborated in many different genres, he primarily has landed in the lofi hip-hop community, working with some of the most prominent and talented members of the scene. His collaborations have ranged from many prominent producers, including Kina, Ondi Vil, Teqkoi, Monty Datta, Hateful, Fudasca, w00ds, and many more. He’s also appeared and major label releases, such as Fudasca’s “I Lied” via Island Records, and Kina’s “I Still Dream of You” via Nameless Records. Collabprations are now a central part of Thomas Reid’s music, so expect may more creative projects with other artists soon.