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Thomas Reid is an independent Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Nashville, Tennessee. Initially debuting as a folk/alternative rock artist, his music today takes influence from a variety of genres, primarily residing within “lo-fi hip-hop” as a fragile male singer and producer.

A long established figure within his scene, Thomas has crafted songs with many of the most prominent artists to emerge from the genre, including the likes of Powfu, Rxseboy and Sarcastic Sounds.

Thomas describes his art as music for the “forever misunderstood” and creates it as a soft place for people to fall and feel more connected to their own feelings, as well as less alone in them.

Thomas Reid’s melancholic music production, scratchy, intimate vocal stylings, and raw, honest lyrics have touched melancholic music fans worldwide. His music is available on all platforms.

Any and all business concerns should be directed to thomasreidbiz@gmail.com

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