Thomas Reid Artist Musician Producer Lofi Lo-fi Hip-Hop Singer Songwriter

Thomas Reid is an independent Singer/Songwriter/Producer from Nashville, Tennessee. Initially debuting as a folk/alternative rock artist, his music now takes influence from a variety of genres, primarily residing within “lo-fi hip-hop” as a fragile male singer and producer.

Much of his music is collaborative by nature, working with producers, singers, and rappers worldwide. His vocal stylings continue to broaden and evolve, switching between his more well-known indie-influenced stylings (displayed on his single “Stay Asleep”) to more RnB or even Rap influenced sounds (displayed on tomcbumpz’s “Take Me Back”)

As of late 2019 and into 2020, Thomas Reid has started professionally producing music in addition to writing/singing. Many of his solo singles are now entirely self-produced, such as his songs “If I Told You the Truth” or “Stay Asleep”. He also is actively producing for other prominent artists within the lo-fi hip-hop scene, including SadBoyProlific with “Just Like You Do”, Powfu with “Hide in Your Blue Eyes”, and Rxseboy with “Are You Okay?”.

Thomas Reid’s melancholic music production, scratchy, intimate vocal stylings, and raw, honest lyrics have touched melancholic music fans worldwide. His second full-length album “Caring” is out now.

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