2018 Singles

Thomas Reid Music Musician Artist - I Wish I Was Pretty

2018 was year of growth and discovery for Thomas Reid. With a dramatic increase in collaboration with other artists, Thomas’s genre exploration increased exponentially. 2018 started with the release of “Windowsill” a singer-songwriter track, with warped vocal processing and a 50’s crooner vibe. Throughout the year, the genres explored varied widely, from alternative hip-hop with “I Wish I Was Pretty”, to a folk-pop duet with indie singer Mehkare Merson – “Till the Sun Breaks”. 2018’s single lineup is bookended with the release of “Why Can’t I Sleep?”, a gorgeous alt-pop influenced song with prominent lofi hip-hop producer, Monty Datta. Overall, 2018 was a year of growth and dicovery for Thomas Reid, setting the stage for the surely even more amazing 2019.