New Single “You’re Making All the Right Decisions” Available Now.

Thomas Reid You're Making All The Right Decisions Music

My new single “You’re Making All the Right Decisions” is available now through Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Soundcloud and many other major music platforms.

The single also brings with it the widespread distribution of my three previous demos: “I’ll Still Fall”, “Howling” and “Cleave To Us” to Spotify, iTunes etc…

This song is not from the album, I want to keep that as “new” as possible for when it comes later this fall, so this and my previous single “You Don’t Seem To See” will remain seperate from the album to make room for more new material in it’s release. The album is still set for release this fall, so hopefully this will make the wait a little easier.

Thank you all so much for your support, it means the world to me and I’m very excited for you to hear what’s in store for the album. If you are reading this, you are pretty awesome.


-Thomas Reid

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