Music Downloads and Other Bits of News

First piece of news:

The official Thomas Reid Bandcamp Page is now live, meaning my music is available for purchase and download. Both of my released demos, as well as all future songs will be available to purchase through that page. Both “Howling” and “I’ll Still Fall” are available to download now and, as they are both just demos, they are priced accordingly.

That brings us to the second piece of news:

There will be one more song released this year within the next few weeks. This will also be a demo, like the previous two tracks, and all three will be updated and re-released on my album which is planned for a 2017 release date. The album will be preceded by a single, and the single and album will be available through iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Amazon Music, Pandora, and many other music storefronts and streaming websites around the world.

I look forward to releasing more music and I thank every person who has listened, shared, and supported my music thus far. It means the world and I can’t wait to share more with you.


-Thomas Reid

View Bandcamp Page



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